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Effective Meeting Planning – Executing a Winning Plan©

Think like an Event Planner: How to Nail the Details and give them the “WOW”©

Independent Meeting Planner, Entrepreneur, Freelancer — Risky Business or Sheer Joy?!©

Budgeting and Financial Management – Essential Skills for the Meeting & Event Professional

Using Special Events to Add Spark to Your Fundraising©

Keeping Volunteers Happy and You Sane ©

So Now I’m also a Meeting Planner?? When Meeting Planner isn’t your job title Learn the Top 10 Success Tips

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Working With Volunteers

For Associations and Non-Profits, volunteer support is often the backbone of a successful event.  They provide people power both behind the scenes and on-site.  How does one manage so many varying personalities, so that the job gets done with everyone’s nerves intact?

First (and foremost): Show appreciation for their assistance at every opportunity.

Second: Have a plan for how your volunteers will be used.

Third: Communicate.

To learn the ins and outs of working with volunteers so you can keep them coming back year after year, download our “Keeping Happy Volunteers” – a Handbook that shows you how to manage and maintain Volunteers.

So Now I’m A Meeting Planner??

When Meeting Planning isn’t your job title

Few tasks are as intimidating to the marketing VP, executive assistant, human resource manager or director of sales as having responsibility for their organization’s next meeting, no matter how big or small. Today large associations or corporations either have in-house planning departments or they outsource to professional meeting planners.  However, more often smaller associations and many corporations tap their department heads and supporting professionals to produce the next board meeting, product launch, or annual conference or awards banquet.

Maybe you’re using an efficient timeline, working budget and meeting specs but do you know which contract clauses to watch for and those to include? 

Do you know the best way to manage your volunteers or your on-site activities? 

Could you use an update on the latest and greatest web-based tools?  Then this session is for you!

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